Earth Grown Shades is a business in upstate New York devoted to the cultivation of natural color. Establiashed in 2014 by Sarah Gotowka after she moved to Trumansburg, Earth Grown Shades began with the idea of creating a naturally dyed line of locally spun yarns solely using plants that either Sarah had grown herself or had collected in the wild. 
This idea quickly branched into two different facets: 1) Teaching educational workshops throughout the community on how to grow, harvest and extract color from natural dyes. 2) Creating two dimensional art pieces using dry-pressed flowers as its sole material. 

This body of work is sprung from my love of growing color and my obsession with music. (One of a kind commissions are available! Please inquire within!)

Colors, flowers, sunsets, etc.

In the spring of 2014 I built four raised beds in my backyard and planted Japanese indigo, marigolds, coreopsis, madder root, tansy and Hopi sunflower. I was lucky enough to also have space at the Plumlee's, the coolest family in town! 

From 2009 - 2013 I lived in Montreal, Quebec and studied in Concordia University's MFA Fiber and Material Practices program. 

Educational workshops are tailored towards the group's needs based on age and social context. These photos explore some of the different activities I have taught throughout the upstate New York community.